•• Our Story ••
The Soofi range is based on a true story of a rescued pup that came running into our lives and began a journey filled with love and passion. Today the Soofi range spans nationwide and internationally across exclusive boutiques and stores, the products you see today are individually handmade using high quality fabrics and finishes.

We are inspired by international trends, preppy designs and our design team are continuously working on ways to make your pets go from the pet next door to fashionista pets. We love what we do, and think you will too.

The products were originally made as a hobby for Soofi (our pup). The idea of creating a business around the brand developed from the vast amount of attention we received from our friends and family.


We love receiving photos of our happy little customers wearing our designs so please keep sending them to models@fashionistapets.com, it makes our day even more enjoyable!